Thursday, July 9, 2015

Too many pixels = reduced low-light performance

Initial test results are in, and as I feared in an earlier Google+ post (, the new 50 MP Canon has less than stellar low-light and signal-to-noise-ratio performance. &nbs p;Also, I am very skeptical that any glass exists which is capable of truly resolving detail to the single pixel level, let alone having the ability to focus great g lass to its maximum sharpness.  Therefore, I don't see any practical reasons for manufacturing such high pixel count cameras, marketing reasons aside.  The only way I can see that high pixel counts may also offer solid low-light performance is for sensor designs which do not use Bayer arrays which inherently waste phot ons and blur detail over approximately a 2x2 pixel area.  On the other hand, if truly great glass were available, and one planned to primarily shoot in bright l ighting conditions, then this camera might be the right choice under these circumstances.

< /span> DxOMark Canon 5DS Results

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