Saturday, August 1, 2015

Google+ Follower Count vs. Time

I began informally recording my Google+ follower count in June 2013 when it reached 9,000.  Below, is a plot of these values from 6/13/2013 through 8/1/2015.

Here are some observations:

• The plot is comprised of 2 fairly linear segments

• The slope sharply decreased circa December 2013, likely due to Google engineers tuning their social networking algorithm parameters.  Suddenly, gaining new followers on Google+ became much more difficult.  I call this early period its 'inflationary' period after the inflationary epoch in Cosmology/Big Bang, during which the Google+ team was trying to rapidly increase its user base.

• The slopes are fairly constant in spite of large variations in post frequency and post popularity (one of my posts had almost 300,000 views April 5, 2014, but can you see a jump in the plot?)

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